August 25, 2012

drawers of custom colours

We have drawers of beautiful colour samples . . .
Many years of our colour match dying service. An exploration of colour

August 11, 2012

a top hat story

Today I took a pair of scissors to cut up a Herm├Ęs scarf, to produce a lining for a bespoke Hat. My client was after a Top Hat - something grand, unique and personalised. With this concept and a quick drawing I set about making a toile from straw for him to try on. The straw version of the hat was then sent to the block-maker to have it made from timber. This process took a couple of weeks. The model hat is then made using the custom block, with many layers making up the sleek shape, finished with a covering of fine black satin. The inside is lined with a head-ribbon and completed with a very special 'rabbit in the hat' lining. Et Voila! A smile and nod from the client, another happy ending.